Fitness & Nutrition Goals with Diana Morgan of What’s Up with SUPPS

Tune in to hear Todd Pauli of 24 Stories Marketing, Maggie Jaqua from WholeFoods Magazine, and Diana Morgan, Head of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs for Care/of, discuss two new initiatives bringing industry members together: What’s Up with SUPPS and Fit for Natural. Just a few of the highlights you won’t want to miss:

1:55 – How What’s Up with SUPPS got started
11:50 – Diana’s must-have supplements for staying powered up and strong for workouts and life
15:10 – The “labor day” music playlist that helps Diana get in the zone during weight-lifting sessions
17:00 – A sneak peak at the next Fit for Natural fitness challenge, open to all industry members (join the Facebook group for updates!)

The Fit for Natural Playlist

For some of us, music is a must-have accessory to our workouts. We choose songs for our playlists as carefully as we choose our next pair of running shoes or gym attire. But we all know it’s easy to get stuck in the same old genre or handful of bands. So, we put out a call on the Fit for Natural Facebook page for your favorite workout songs. Below is a link to the Fit for Natural playlist. Hope you enjoy it and discover a few new tunes that will power you through the next tough workout! 

Also, if you want to contribute to the playlist, just add your songs in the comments section of the playlist post on Facebook. 


Introducing Fit for Natural!

The Natural View: All About Fit for Natural

It’s been a long stretch of trying to keep up with fitness routines alone and at home, so WholeFoods Magazine Content Director Maggie Jaqua, Todd Pauli of 24 Stories Marketing, and other industry members are pulling together for a little motivation and camaraderie to help you get back out there this summer. Name your fitness goal, then tune in for encouragement, training tips and more.